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Sep 23/19
Tips for Moving in with a Roommate
Living with a roommate will take some getting used to, but it just might be one of your best experiences. Platinum Realty and Management knows it takes time and effort to... Read Post >>
Sep 19/19
The Benefits of Houseplants
Did you know that adding houseplants to your home can make you feel better? Here at Platinum Realty and Management, we love plants and the benefits they provide. Even if you... Read Post >>
Sep 19/19
Fall Cleaning Tips
This summer's glorious Tennessee weather has been a convenient distraction from housework. But now that fall is just around the corner, it's time your home had a... Read Post >>
Aug 26/19
BBQ Destinations in Clarksville
When you want the perfect outdoor grilling spot close to home, look no further than your local park. Public parks are always available for outdoor grilling and many have... Read Post >>
Aug 26/19
Make Your Own First Aid Kit
  Store-bought first aid kits are great in a pinch, but seldom include all the important necessities.   A first aid kit is designed to immediately help an... Read Post >>
Jul 30/19
Tips For Saving Water This Summer
Water usage during the summer can increase as much as 50%. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to reduce your water consumption, even during the summer. To keep your water... Read Post >>
Jul 30/19
Laundry Tips and Tricks
Laundry is a never-ending chore, but it doesn't have to be daunting. Check out these simple tricks you can implement to help you tackle your dirty laundry with ease... Read Post >>
Jun 20/19
Being a Good Neighbor
Living close to many different families can be a wonderful experience.   Help make your life and the lives of those living close to you better by being a good neighbor.... Read Post >>
Jun 20/19
Buying Local: Farmers Markets
You don't have to grow your own food to get the freshest fruits and vegetables. Just visit your local farmers market! Our country's farmers work hard to... Read Post >>
Jun 20/19
Moving Tips and Tricks
Don't let your next move stress you out. Be prepared instead!   We've got some great tips and tricks to help moving day run smoothly.   Create to-do... Read Post >>
Mar 27/19
The Best Clarksville Cafés
Are you new to Clarksville, Tennessee, or are you shopping for a new café for your morning coffee run? Platinum Realty & Management can help with a list of... Read Post >>