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Jun 20/19

Being a Good Neighbor

Living close to many different families can be a wonderful experience.


Help make your life and the lives of those living close to you better by being a good neighbor. If you're not sure just what it means to be a good neighbor, Platinum Realty & Management has a few tips to help you succeed.


Interact with your neighbors

Keeping to yourself may seem like a good idea, but when you live in an apartment building or a close knit community, you'll be missing out on some great neighborly benefits. A simple smile or greeting when you run into a neighbor opens a small connection that can turn into a great friendship. Community events, seasonal parties, and even collaborative sales are a great way to get to know your neighbors and form a relationship. Not all neighbors will become friends, but a little effort goes a long way!


Be considerate

Being a good neighbor means you think about how your actions directly affect those living around you. If you live in an apartment building, keep the noise level down by avoiding loud music and lively parties, and be attentive when kids play outside. It may be hard to keep noise levels down when moving into a new apartment or neighborhood, so apologize to any neighbors you see and keep all moving supplies and personal items out of the hallways and off the sidewalk.


Show kindness and support

If your neighbor complains about your noise, show respect and attempt to rectify the situation by asking how you can avoid disrupting them. Look for ways to be friendly with random acts of kindness, such as helping a neighbor with yard work, offering to carry in groceries, or lending items when needed. Joining a neighborhood watch or community group, offering to be a neighbor's personal reference, or house-sitting when needed are great ways to support others.


Being a good neighbor enriches your life and the lives of those around you. Living in an apartment complex or close knit community is a great way to expand your social circle, make your neighborhood safer, and learn new things.


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