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Sep 23/19

Tips for Moving in with a Roommate

Living with a roommate will take some getting used to, but it just might be one of your best experiences.

Platinum Realty and Management knows it takes time and effort to settle in with a new roommate, so we have a few tips and suggestions that can help. 

Whether it's your apartment or you're moving into your roommate's apartment, establish lines of communication early on. To make any relationship succeed, you'll need to communicate easily. It's important to start a discussion about sharing food, overnight guests, and things that annoy each other right away to clear the air. 

Communication doesn't come easily to everyone, so be open and willing to compromise. After you move in, decide how household chores will be done and split them fairly. Work out a rotating schedule or split chores up based on skills. If one of you is a better cook, they can prepare meals while the other can clean up afterwards. Be open to change and revisit the chore list every 6 months.

Slacking on your share of the responsibilities can put pressure on the relationship. Always consider how your decisions will affect your roommate. When it comes to paying bills, pay your share of the rent directly to the landlord. Other bills and groceries can be split equally with convenient apps like Splitwise

Roommate relationships function better when all parties are considerate and work together. Be mindful of each other's work and/or school schedules to avoid causing a disruption during down time. Invest in quality headphones for times you need to stay quiet so you can still watch a movie or listen to music. Also, just because you live together doesn't mean you have to do everything together. Respect each other's privacy and find time to be by yourself. 

Living with a roommate can be a lot of fun, if everyone makes an effort. Remember to let the little things go, talk to each other, and compromise. If you're looking for an apartment to split in Clarksville, check out our availabilities.