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Jun 20/19

Moving Tips and Tricks

Don't let your next move stress you out. Be prepared instead!


We've got some great tips and tricks to help moving day run smoothly.


Create to-do lists. Having a list of various things to remember will help minimize stress and keep you on track. Creating a packing list is redundant, but creating a list for items you want easily accessible on moving day is a great idea. You should also create a list of places you'll need to change your address with, such as financial institutions, government ID, and your employer.


Don't pack what you don't need. Throwing everything in a box and forgetting about it might seem easier, but it will ultimately create more work. Go through your belongings to toss anything that doesn't work and create a donation box with anything you don't need. If you can't see yourself unpacking it at your new place, let it go. 


Save money on packing material and use your towels and linens instead. Fragile items can be wrapped in towels and linens can be used to pack mirrors, picture frames, and other large items. You can even secure your cutlery in its tray by slipping it into a clean pillowcase and packing it in a box.


Pre-plan where your belongings should go in your new home. Label boxes by room with a general list of what's inside so movers will know where to place them. Keep all items from one room together and arranged by when they will be moved. Try to have the items furthest from the entrance brought in first so there is always a clear path through the home.


Pre-order delivery to arrive around dinnertime. No one wants to have to cook a meal on moving day, and it's easy to get carried away and forget to order dinner. Save yourself from eating too late and have dinner arrive at a pre-established time. Don't forget to stock your new fridge with beverages for anyone helping you move.


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