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Jun 20/19

Backyard Makeover: Simple Alterations to Help You Make the Most of Your Backyard

The outside of your dream home deserves as much attention as the interior.

With these tips, you can easily enhance your backyard space.

Update your patio

A large outdoor rug is the perfect way to dress up any patio! These durable rugs are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns and can completely change the look of your patio. Add some outdoor furniture like a sofa, table and chairs, or a lounger. When choosing furniture for your patio, pick something that is comfortable and will withstand all kinds of weather.

If your patio isn't covered, add some shade with a free standing umbrella or an umbrella that sits in your outdoor table. Another low-cost idea is to add a sun shade sail available at most home improvement stores. These heavy duty, waterproof fabrics are easy to install and offer UV protection.

If you plan to use your backyard space after dark, consider adding lighting. Create a soft glow with outdoor string lights under umbrellas or around a gazebo. Instead of buying expensive post lights, use citronella torches around your patio to provide the right amount of light and ward off mosquitoes.

Add a garden

If you want to add beauty to your backyard, but don't have much of a green thumb, keep your gardens small and plant only perennials, evergreens, and flowering trees. When planting, use a landscape fabric to keep the weeds out and add mulch over top.

Don't forget the fun!

You don't have to have children to add a fun space in your backyard oasis. You can easily add lawn games like ladder toss, croquet, and horseshoes without taking up a lot of space. These games are also portable and can be put away when not in use. Add a fire pit for family marshmallow roasting, or if you have the space and room in your budget, the Pool & Spa Depot in Clarksville can install an outdoor spa or hot tub.

With our simple ideas, you can easily transform your backyard space into a relaxing retreat. If you're still looking for your dream home, we can help!