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Aug 26/19

Loyal Roommates: Finding Your Perfect Match

Living with a roommate can be one of your most memorable experiences, but it's important not to rush into it. 

Spending time with someone frequently and living with them are completely different experiences, which means your best friend might not make the best roommate. Instead of ruining a good friendship by impulsively becoming roommates, seek out someone with a lifestyle that compliments your own. 

Ask the tough questions:

First, figure out what you expect from your roommate. Do you want to become friends or find someone that will just keep to themselves? When it's time to interview candidates, be prepared to ask some tough questions:

  • Ask potential roommates about their schedule to see if it coincides with yours. For example: Will you need to be quiet while they sleep? Are they early risers and prefer to start their mornings with a boisterous workout routine?

  • Question their credit rating and what they do for a living to assess how much they can contribute.

  • Inquire about previous roommate experiences and how they would describe themselves as a roommate.

  • Ask if they smoke, play a musical instrument, or have a pet.

  • Find out if they have friends or significant others that will be spending a lot of time in the apartment. 

Find out what they want:

Second, once you've asked all your questions, give your potential roommate the opportunity to ask you their questions. Knowing what your roommate expects from you is just as important. So, let them ask you anything and answer as honestly as you can. Keep in mind a small lie upfront can form a big rift later on. 

Think it over:

Finally, take time to review your candidates and consider how your lifestyles will mesh. If you're a neat freak and are thinking of asking a sloppy person to move in, consider how their messy behavior will influence your overall happiness. Remember - you aren't trying to find a best friend, but a good match that you can rely on. 

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