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Feb 27/19

Little Improvements You Can Make to Raise the Value of Your Home

When you're considering selling your home, Platinum Realty has a few simple improvements you can make that will not only help your house look more inviting, but also raise its value.


Potential buyers will get their first impression from the outside of your home. A well-maintained yard with trees will have more value than one without. When planted in the right spot and properly maintained, trees can add property value. Deciduous trees planted on the west side of your home will provide shade in the summer and let the light in during the winter.


A great looking yard and a welcoming front entrance is a winning combination. Simply painting the front door and cleaning the exterior can completely change the look of your front entrance. Little touches like a new doorbell, shelter from the rain, and a new exterior light can skyrocket the desirability of your home before potential buyers even walk in the door.


When potential buyers walk through a house, they want to be able to imagine living there. A thorough clean and decluttering is important. Invest in some stylish storage units and under the bed or closet organizers that can help you put away as much as possible. Touch up the paint on the walls or repaint in a fresh, neutral colour throughout the home for a simple, but effective improvement.


Fixing whatever is broken is a necessity. However, when it's a faucet or toilet that needs fixing, replacing it with something new will be a big benefit. Updates to the bathroom can often add value to the home on their own. Big changes are welcome, but even small changes like a new faucet, new low-flow toilet, or new mirror can make a big difference.


In the kitchen, small updates like painting cabinet doors and updating the hardware, replacing the faucet and sink, and updating the lighting are all simple changes that will add value. If you can, consider covering the vinyl flooring with laminate.


When you are trying to raise the value of your home, a little money can go a long way. These simple improvements, when done correctly, will increase your property value with little cost or effort.