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Apr 29/19

Information for First Time Gardeners

Gardening is a rewarding experience and a great way to relieve stress and get some added vitamin D from the sun.

If you're starting a garden for the first time this year, we've got a few tips for a successful growing season.

Plan to start small for your first garden, because it's easy to get overwhelmed. Whether you choose to garden on your balcony or in your yard, each plant will grow differently, and their success will depend on the weather and the care you provide. All plants require different conditions to grow, so take note of how much sun and shade your garden gets to help determine what type of plants to look for.

Pick plants that are right for you. Annual plants are seasonal and best as fillers in your garden, whereas perennials will hibernate to come back the following season, often giving you a splash of colour in early spring. There are plenty of hardy annuals like pansies and geraniums, and hardy perennials like black-eyed Susan, peony, and hosta, that will flourish with little effort.

If you want to help bees thrive, try these easy-to-grow plants: Sunflowers, marigolds, morning glory, dianthus, daisies, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, or raspberries.

Regular maintenance is key. All plants require water, some more than others. When it's hot and dry, it's best to water in early morning or late evening so the water doesn't evaporate as quickly. Keep weeding to a minimum by setting aside a few minutes a day to pull weeds out before they multiply. Plants need food too, so add an organic fertilizer regularly to keep your plants healthy and full.

Quick tips:

  • Instead of sowing seeds, start with seedlings or larger plants to accelerate your crops.
  • Never buy marigolds again! In the fall, extract their seeds from the dried heads and plant them the following season.
  • Save money by investing in a rain barrel to water your gardens with.
  • Planting a quick spreading ground cover, like golden creeping Jenny, will help choke out weeds.
  • Keep a gardening diary to help you determine the best plants for your location.

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