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Jul 30/19

Laundry Tips and Tricks

Laundry is a never-ending chore, but it doesn't have to be daunting.

Check out these simple tricks you can implement to help you tackle your dirty laundry with ease.

With schedules ever changing, a regular laundry day doesn't always work out. Instead, always gather and sort clothing into hampers as soon as it's dirty so it's ready to wash when you are. Sort your laundry by colour, fabric care, and soil level. This will help you wash properly and avoid ruining your clothing.

Wait to wash your dirty clothes until you have enough for a full load. Washing small loads wastes water and electricity. Fit in a load while you watch television, or put a load in on your way out for groceries. Doing a load per day or once every few days will help you get it all done without wasting a whole day! 

When you live in an apartment building, finding a time to do your laundry takes a little more planning. Don't disturb your neighbors living closest to the laundry room by washing late at night or early in morning. If you decide not to stay in the laundry room and wait, set a timer on your phone or watch so you can remove your clothing promptly when the cycle is complete.

Keep your clothing looking its best with these bonus tips: 

  • Wash with cold water as it won't shrink your clothing, but use hot water for towels, bed sheets, and kitchen linens to kill harmful bacteria.
  • Clean your washing machine once a month or season to keep your clothing looking great and your machine working properly. 
  • Add a ½ a cup of vinegar to your wash to brighten whites and colours, or ½ cup to the final rinse cycle to remove soap residue and eliminate the need for fabric softener.
  • Use only the amount of detergent listed on your bottle. Using too much can stain clothing, leave clothes too wet, or wear down your machine faster.
  • Reduce your drying time by adding a fluffy towel into the dryer with your wet clothes. Let the towel absorb moisture for the first 15 minutes of drying, then remove it.