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Feb 12/19

Ways to Save Money With Temperatures Dropping

Are the winter temperatures increasing your utility bills?

Here at Platinum Realty and Management, we have a few suggestions to help you save money while living in an apartment during the winter.

Make sure there isn't any cold air getting into your apartment. Drafts usually occur near windows and doors, so place your hand near the frames to see if cold air is coming in. You should also check around electrical outlets in case air is entering there from lack of insulation.

Adding thermal window drapes can lock out cold air and keep your rooms warm. But, you'll only want to keep the drapes closed during the coldest days and overnight. The natural heat of the sun can help warm your apartment, so open your curtains wide and let the warmth of the sun shine in.

During the colder weather, your floors can feel extra chilly. Instead of turning up the heat, try adding a draft guard at your exterior door to block any cool air from entering. You can also save money by adding a few extra area rugs to your floors, even if the room is already carpeted. Area rugs act as extra insulation on the floor and can help lower your heating costs.

Having your furnace come on every time you feel cold will end up costing you big! Instead, add an extra layer of clothing and keep fleece throws and warm blankets easily accessible for those chilly winter temperatures. In the kitchen, plan for meals that need the oven to cook to add extra heat to your apartment quickly. In the bedroom, swap your thin sheets for a flannel set and add a thick comforter.

If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure to only heat your apartment when you're home. Keep the temperature lower when you're away, so you aren't wasting money by heating up empty rooms.

Platinum Realty has a variety of warm and inviting apartments. Contact us or check out our availabilities.