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Sep 19/19

Fall Cleaning Tips

This summer's glorious Tennessee weather has been a convenient distraction from housework.

But now that fall is just around the corner, it's time your home had a thorough deep cleaning. 

Cleaning the house may not be your favorite pastime; however, as the cold and flu season approaches, a clean home can be one of your best defenses against germs. 

When deep cleaning a kitchen, focus your attention on the areas that aren't cleaned daily. Wash the cupboard doors with a mild detergent and disinfect all handles and drawer pulls. After cleaning the insides of your fridge and oven, don't forget to wipe down the outsides and all seals. Move the units and vacuum beneath them, along with the fridge coils and any exhaust vents. After cleaning your sinks, stove top, and counters, disinfect with equal amounts of white vinegar and water

In living areas, work from ceiling to floor starting with cobwebs and dust in the corners of rooms and on the ceiling fan blades. Remove your blinds and wash the windows, then clean the blinds before putting them back up. As you work your way to the floor, wipe down door frames and disinfect all door handles. Lamps and light fixtures should be cleaned to remove any dust and debris while all other surfaces and collectables should be wiped down. Refresh couches, chairs, and mattresses by sprinkling with baking soda, then thoroughly vacuuming after 30 minutes. Finally, wash the floors or refresh carpets with a carpet deodorizer. 

Because the bathroom gets regular cleaning, you should focus your attention on areas missed by your usual regime. Remove build up in the shower head by soaking it in vinegar and water, vacuum out the ventilation fan, and sanitize the toilet. Then wash the floor and sanitize door handles. 

Your cleaning tools are not self-cleaning, so you'll want to make sure you carefully clean them as well. Oxy powder will clean and disinfect brushes, broom heads, and sponges. Sanitize the toilet bowl brush with bleach and toss rags and mop heads in the washer to wash with hot water. 

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