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  • " I was referred to Kim at Platinum to help with property management needs in Clarksville, TN. and boy am I glad! Kim quickly became my trusted resource for property values, rental rates, and local insights that I would not have been able to receive elsewhere. The amazing part is, I bugged Kim for weeks to make sure I was making wise decisions on our Clarksville rental property, and Kim would diligently & quickly get me the accurate info I needed, which was priceless during the process of making offers in a competitive market like Clarksville. She did all this with a great attitude, without asking me to sign anything, or asking for my commitment, or asking for money. Kim and the Platinum team are true blue. So grateful to have trusted resources in Clarksville, TN. M. Lewis- Investment Owner "

    - M. Lewis- Investment Owner
  • " Without any type of notice from Keystone Realty, my property was transferred over to Platinum Realty. At first I was irritated, until I walked in the building, very caring and professional staff and within minutes of me talking to them they were able to fix things I had concerns about! Already satisfied with the customer service and they stay on top of emails and phone call replies! Super grateful for you folks!!! "

    - Barbara Dobbs - Home Owner